ROC and ROI in sports betting, what does that mean?

Sports betting has been allowed in many countries for some years now. The constant growth of this market pushes each player to become more professional. Terms like ROC or ROI, historically associated with the financial sector are also related with betting.  Click here for fan888.

These are Valuable indicators, they allow you to analyze your profitability with precision, the goal being to have a reliable tool allowing constant monitoring of your performance.

ROI and ROC in sports betting: definition

The ROI (Return on Investment) is, as its name suggests, a tool that measures profit, in other words the ratio between the amount of bets and the surplus achieved.

In the field of sports betting, the ROI turns out to be a fundamental data allowing you to measure with precision the quality of the forecasts. To put it very simply, if your ROI is positive, it means that you have made a profit. Visit this site for รูป เกม ออนไลน์.

Since this process is based on data conditioned in part by luck, it is important to note that the analysis of an ROI in sports betting only makes sense from a certain number of bets. Otherwise, the rocking rate will cause a variation so strong that it will be difficult to analyze with precision the ROI of a tipster.

To summarize: the longer the data analysis is over the long term, the less the toggle rate affects the data and the more reliable the ROI.


In the field of sports betting, The ROC (Return On Capital) or Retour Sur Capital, corresponds to the ratio between your profit and the amount of your bankroll.

Here, the bets generated are not counted in the calculation. This process seeks to demonstrate the profit made compared to your initial budget. This indicator simply allows you to analyze the evolution of your bankroll in relation to your initial capital. 

ROC and ROI: what use?

The usefulness of ROC and ROI in sports betting does not stop at a particular profile. Each player can find in these indices a reliable way to analyze with precision the sums involved, the rate of change in his Bankroll, the profit generated, etc.

Bettors wishing to rely on the forecasts of professional tipsters have all the more interest in using all the means at their disposal in order to precisely target the quality of the profiles. By calculating ROI and ROC, committed sports bets are subjected to in-depth analysis, thus allowing uniform transparency among all bettors.

Beyond allowing a quality follow-up at the level of your referring tipsters, the ROI and the ROC quite simply allow you to follow with precision the relevance of your bets and your committed bets. The goal is also to give you a macroscopic view of all your sports bets in order to facilitate their management.

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