Why Should You Use Small Bet Sizes

Why Should You Use Small Bet Sizes?

Online poker is more of a strategy and psychological game. It is not about how to win with a decent hand but how to win by outwitting the other players. Betting is also one of the factors that you need to look. Here are some of the different bet sizes and when to use them.

Betting Large

If you have a substantial range and high equity that can you can balance with bluffs or low capital, then it is okay to bet large. It is also known as a “polarized range.” If you have a more polarized range, then the more massive you should bet. Just keep this in mind, the larger the equity, the higher the bet that you should place.

When You Should Check

Now that we know when to bet big let us look at a scenario where we would generally check. So. When is the time that you should check?

  • If you are in a situation where the total equity is a bit lower
  • If you have a worse distribution.

For example, if you are in a half pot and your opponent is in the Big Blind calls. The card is Ace of Clubs, 6 of Diamonds and 5 of Spades and your challenger checks. It would help if you thought about your range here and how many hands you have that are worse than a weak top pair or a top pair. The high equity here is king, pocket pairs and weak aces.

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If you bet a large amount with a pair of Kings, then you are most likely to lose even If it has high equity. So, this time you should check.

Betting Small

Aside from the function to get a value, bets on the flop and turn refute your rivals their equity when they fold. However, on dry boards, equity denial is not that significant because most of your opponent’s cards will have slight stake against the range of betting value. It is important to note that if the denial stake is not essential, then it is better to use small bet sizes.

Another benefit for calling small bets on dry boards is that the calling range is inflexible- most likely that your opponent will fold to a wager is the same regardless of the amount. There’s no need for you to risk a massive bet by bluffing if you can get the same result with a smaller stake.


Sometimes, playing online poker is not just because we want to have fun but also to test our wits and strategy in winning the game. Daftar Poker Online can give us a good challenge and a chance to see an unexpected win. Remember though, that your chance of winning does not solely rely on your cards but also on the amount of bet that you will place. Learn to play smart. Happy gaming!

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