Forget Your Hair Loss Issues with Finasteride 1mg

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Hair loss issues caused by androgenic alopecia can be devastating to your overall physical looks because the baldness that it causes makes you look least good than you have ever been.  The problem continues as you are being reminded of it each time you look in the mirror.  Fortunately, there is a medication called finasteride 1mg, the treatment which is considered to be the best for male pattern baldness as finasteride 1mg is the only drug which truly addresses the cause of male pattern baldness and not simply the condition.

If you suffer from hair loss, most likely, you will attempt to treat it using topical creams, ointments, and shampoo formulations.  However, most of these products are simply for hair growth or hair thickening – a form of treatment which does not really addresses the cause of the issue.  With finasteride 1mg, it tries to treat the condition hormonally, one of the factors that triggers the condition.  There are actually three factors require to trigger male pattern baldness – age, genetics, and hormones.  To date, there are no medications that can help control the first two, but with hormones, clearly we now have the technology and pharmaceutical advancements to have control of it, and this is where finasteride 1mg comes in.

Finasteride 1mg is very effective in treating hair loss condition caused by androgenic alopecia because finasteride 1mg treats the condition from within, at the hormones.  Dihydrotestosterone is actually the hormone that triggers the thinning out of hair follicles.  If you are able to prevent or inhibit the production of this hormone, you will basically be able to stop hair loss.  This is exactly what finasteride 1mg does as finasteride 1mg inhibits dihydrotestosterone production by preventing a key ingredient in the formation of dihydrotestosterone.  Dihydrotestosterone is actually only a byproduct of testosterone and the enzyme 5α-reductase.  This is actually fortunate because finasteride 1mg is by nature a 5α-reductase inhibitor.  This simply means that the action of finasteride 1mg of inhibiting the enzyme 5α-reductase from converting the testosterone hormone into dihydrotestosterone, finasteride 1mg basically stops the thinning out of hair follicles, and thus finasteride 1mg is able to stop hair loss and its progression.

To date, there is no other hair loss treatment like finasteride 1mg as it is the only treatment that is in the form of a medication and not just some topical formulation treatment.  Additionally, it is the only FDA-approved for such.  This is why if you are serious in treating your balding condition, always keep in mind that nothing beats finasteride 1mg when it comes to the treatment of hair loss.

Finasteride 1mg is actually the generic version of the branded medication Propecia that was developed by Merck.  Nevertheless, finasteride 1mg is equally as effective as its branded brethren as both branded and generic medications are made using the exact same ingredients.  Also, it is much wiser and economical to use generic for this form of treatment as this requires daily use for many years.  Since finasteride 1mg costs only a fraction of Propecia, more men with androgenic alopecia actually use the drug for their hair loss issues as compared to Propecia.

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