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Avoid These Types of Overly Dedicated Fans

A sports game can bring out some of the most devoted of fans. That is why it is common to find those fans to be a bit too aggressive when discussing their team’s chances of winning. They would automatically process that question as something insulting. You might even be asked to switch over to their team’s side if you want a “winning” team.

That may sound weirdly extreme but it actually happens in the world of sports and bk8 fandom. And this is not something that is just relegated to one particular sport. You can easily find plenty of devoted fans on almost every single sport imaginable. There is even a chance of encountering these types of fans in a single competitor type sport such as tennis or chess.

Angry Fans

It is not uncommon to find fans that are just upset when their team’s star player gets injured. You can also find them mad when they think the referee made a bad call on a play. Whatever the case may be, these fans have a strong, and sometimes unfiltered, opinion about the game.

Do not attempt to goat them despite how it can potentially be a lot of fun. That is just rude and they will take that as an attack. You might even get retaliation from the angry fan.

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There is nothing more annoying than a fan that just jumps to whatever the new craze is. Look, we all jump into something new once we get convinced that it is actually good. That can be found in things like restaurants or video game recommendations. However, this is especially annoying when it comes to enjoying sports.

Oftentimes, you can find some of this type of fan to not have the proper knowledge of the sport. Instead, they would simply choose who they think is the most popular to fit in with the crowd. Unfortunately, these fake fans would disappear once the popularity of the team has lessened. Afterward, you will find them latching onto a different team that is in the spotlight.

Their behavior can even be seen on sports websites such as They would be found choosing to vote on the team that looks like has the highest amount of fans. That way when the team wins, that type of fan can easily celebrate with a large number of people. Although, deep down we all know that they are not true fans of the team, to begin with. In addition, you might even hear them say stuff about how they were here since day 1 regardless of the truth.

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