Getting the Right Finasteride Dosage

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Finasteride is a treatment drug developed by the pharmaceutical company, Merck, primarily for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia.  The finasteride dosage for treating this condition is 5mg.  During the testing of this finasteride dosage, many of the participants taking part in the clinical testing reported of a side effect, mainly those with male pattern baldness somehow getting their hair loss condition treated.  The scientist of Merck took notice and thus conducted their own experiment and testing over this side effect.  They found out that a lower finasteride dosage, finasteride 1mg, was all it took to treat genetic hair loss in men.

Overall, there are two finasteride dosage available.  The first finasteride dosage is 5mg which is meant for the treatment of enlarged prostate, and the second finasteride dosage is 1mg which is meant for the treatment of genetic hair loss.  If you need to buy finasteride, you need to be wary of the finasteride dosage which you need to buy.  Usually, you will have no problem remembering this when buying the branded medication as they are uniquely named.  Proscar is basically the finasteride dosage of 5mg whereas Propecia is essentially the finasteride dosage of 1mg.

The finasteride dosage of 5mg and 1mg are both generic versions.  People buy the generic versions of finasteride because they get significant amount of savings as compared to buying the branded versions.  However, when buying the generic ones, you need to be aware of the finasteride dosage that you need to buy because you would not want to intermix your treatment between the finasteride dosage that are available.  While both are chemically the same, it is still vital that you get the corresponding finasteride dosage based on the condition you are treating.  You would not accelerate treatment by getting the 5mg finasteride dosage when you only need the 1mg finasteride dosage in treating hair loss.

Finasteride is actually a proven treatment for both benign prostatic hyperplasia and male pattern baldness.  For this reason, you need to get your finasteride dosage right so you can attain the most optimal treatment for your condition.  Using more does not necessarily yield better results, and neither does using less.  For best possible results, it is best that you use the correct finasteride dosage based on the condition or ailment that you are trying to treat.

Finasteride is available both online and at your local pharmacy.  You can choose to buy your finasteride wherever it pleases you.  However, you should take note that you will get better savings if you buy your finasteride online.  Most men that use finasteride actually get their finasteride online because they are able to get better savings and make the most out of their money.  If every single centavo is crucial on your budget, then you should opt to getting your finasteride treatment online because buying online always yields better savings.  If you buy finasteride in bulk, you may even get better deals as online merchants usually offer much better deals for those that buy their products in bulk.

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