Help Tame Your Erectile Dysfunction Using Generic Tadalafil

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Sex is basically a private intimate activity between a man and a woman that provides both parties with ecstatic pleasure and enjoyment.  Let’s us face it, sex is a very important part of our life, even though we categorically deny it.  For couples and lovers, sex is a very important activity because through this act, they become more intimate with one another while enjoying pleasurable sensations at the same time.  Sadly, there are times that the male partner develops a sexual disorder which prevents him from producing penile erection, a mandatory aspect needed when having sex.  Without penile erection, vaginal penetration will not happen thereby resulting in failure to have sexual intercourse.

Erectile dysfunction (ED), the bane of all men that bears this condition.  The truth is, not all men will experience the condition.  This though does not mean that the condition is rare.  Male impotence is actually quite common that it is estimated that 1 in 5 men will get to encounter this erectile impairment condition within their lifetime.  While causal factor and severity may vary, it remains a fact that with it they cannot successfully have sexual intercourse.  Male penile impotence is actually quite a real issue in the past.  Thankfully, these days, we have PDE5 inhibitor drugs like generic tadalafil that can help you produce an erection temporarily so you can once again have intimate activity with your female partner.

Generic tadalafil is actually the generic alternative of the branded ED treatment drug, Cialis.  Both branded and generic tadalafil are manufactured with the exact same ingredients so basically, there are hardly any differences in terms of overall effect between the two.  In fact, even dedicated and experienced Cialis users will have difficulty identifying the difference in effect of both branded and generic tadalafil apart.  The difference though is the price as generic tadalafil is significantly cheaper than its branded counterpart.

These days, generic tadalafil is widely considered as the most highly sought after remedy for erectile dysfunction thanks to the long effective duration of generic tadalafil.  This effective duration, roughly 36 hours of voluntary erectile capacity, dwarfs the 4-10 hours effective duration that other ED treatment drugs have to offer.  By using generic tadalafil, you will have the capacity producing an erection within that effective time frame.  Essentially, the use of generic tadalafil gives you that feeling of the good old days when you used to have normal erectile functions.  This may be perhaps also the very reason why experienced ED drug users prefer to use generic tadalafil over other ED meds.

When taking any ED drug like generic tadalafil, you are only allowed to take one dose per day.  If you use more than one, you will be risking yourself of side effects or even irreparable damages.  If you are using other ED meds, once the effect wears off due to its short effective duration, you are practically forbidden to take another dose within that very same day.  Of course, generic tadalafil can be exempted from this as it offers more than a day and a half of effect time.  The added advantage of this long effective duration of generic tadalafil is that after 24 hours of taking generic tadalafil, even if the effect of the drug is still active, you are allowed to take another dose of generic tadalafil.  Through this method of daily use of generic tadalafil, you basically tame your erectile dysfunction issue and practically have a normal-like penile erectile function once again.

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