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Card Games – How to Make The Most Out of Them?

With enough practice, anyone can become an expert, but it is nice to be able to attract an audience with less complicated work. Self-made business card tricks are just what a beginning card magician needs. It has beautiful effects and is easy to do. As the Magician improves his card performance, he may remove some of his own action tricks from his repertoire.

These types of card tricks are great for magicians who specialize in other types of magic, but want to improve their routine with just a few card offers.

In Scarne on Card Tricks, John Scarne reveals an interesting subjective factor called the backwards deck. This card trick in actually comes from the famous Frances Carlisle, and the inventor is credited in the book.

The influence:

The spectator cuts the deck in half: one part of the deck goes to the magician and the other part to the spectator. The magician and the spectator each choose a card from their decks. They change the selected cards, without looking at the other person’s card. Each of them puts the other person’s card on their back. The magician takes half of the spectator’s cards and places them exposed on top of his cards, while the other half is placed on the bottom. After doing his magic, the only two face-down cards in the entire group are the two chosen by the magician and the spectator. It’s a great trick that doesn’t require crazy card skills or any setup.

Another good book where a magician can find great action tricks is Card College Light by Roberto Giobbi.

T.N.T. Followed by the effect of intuition, the trick begins with two cards, one red and one black. It is placed face down on the surface and the surface is trimmed several times. After cutting the deck, the cards are separated into two different groups. The first card on top goes to the first pile, and the next card moves to the second pile, and this repeats until all the cards are separated. Both pillars are mixed and cut. The stack is then deployed in front of the viewer. A pile only has red cards and the black card that has been chosen. The other pile has only black cards and the red one that was chosen at the beginning. This trick gets the crowd moving all the time.

Another good self-made business card trick is Impossible, which can be found in Larry Jennings’ classic Magic book. When the spectator spells out the word impossible, he finds the chosen card.

“Do What I Do” Card Trick Effect: The trick begins with two sets of cards, one blue and one red. The spectator can choose a deck. The spectator does what the magician does: shuffle and shuffle the deck. Then two of the commercial floors. Each one chooses a card to memorize. The chosen card is put back in the deck and the two layers are switched back. When the two specified cards appear, they are clearly identical.

To learn more about marked deck is very effective and many people enjoy them. It can be performed by both experts and novices in magic.

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