Croupier training specifically for the casino environment

In the world, the main classic games played in online casinos and regular casinos are blackjack, roulette, video poker, baccarat, craps, 5 slots, 3 slots, keno, pay go, progressive Caribbean poker and progressive slots. The croupier and croupier roll the dice, spin the roulette and deal cards at the casino.

Dealer work includes:

– welcome new players at the table

– make sure that all the chips are placed on the table before the start of the game

– make sure that there are four suits (hearts, diamonds, maces and swords) and that each suit has 13 cards

– explain the rules to the players

– control the game and ensure that players follow the rules

– collect chips from losing bets

– mental calculation of payments to the winners.

The croupiers work under the control of the game manager, who is usually responsible for two tables. Inspectors certify that the rules of the game are respected and pay attention to any dubious behavior.

To become a dealer, you must first work in a casino or in a casino company. Then you will receive on-the-job training. To work in an agen judi terpercaya you need:

– adult


– have an excellent general education

– pass the CRB (Bureau of Criminal Accounting) check – you cannot work as a dealer if you have illegal beliefs

– have normal color vision, good hearing and clear verbal communication.

In your interview, you may have to approve:

– math test to verify that you can do mental calculations

– proof of your maneuverability.

This can be useful if you have a practice in public relations and money management.

You can find casinos on the websites of casino companies and go to them to realize vacancies. Browse the UK Casino Association website (in the “More Information” section) for a list of the major casino companies. However, you can go to the administration after acquiring practice as a dealer or dealer.

To work as a dealer, you must obtain a license from the Game Commission, the organization that regulates the game. Obtaining a license will require a productive completion of the curriculum. This is usually a paid job preparation course offered by your employer. Courses last from six to eight weeks and include the skills and techniques that you will need as a dealer or dealer, casino law and customer service.

Casino companies that do not have their own internal training will pay for training in a private training organization. When you are finished, your teacher will request your license.

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