Why Propecia Generic is Your Best Treatment Solution for Hair Loss

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There are many ways in which a man can go bald.  There are assortments of contributing factors that leads to such.  This can be from chemotherapy for cancer patients, skin disease that affects both skin and scalp, to the most common reason for baldness in men which is androgenic alopecia, the scientific term for male pattern baldness.  The latter form of baldness-causing condition is hereditary in nature and can be passed onto male offspring.  This means that if you have guys within your family that are growing bald, there is a high likelihood that you may also have inherited this genetic trait – this of course is considering that male.

Aside from genetics, there are actually two additional factors that are needed to trigger the condition of androgenic alopecia – age and hormones.  Since there are no applicable ways in controlling both age and genetics, the best bet will be to tackle the hormone contributing factor in order to stop the condition of male pattern baldness from progressing.  This is where the drug Propecia comes in as it helps in controlling production of the hormone responsible for making your hair fall.  However, since Propecia is a branded drug and fairly expensive for everyday treatment, its generic alternative, finasteride 1mg or simply Propecia generic can be your best treatment solution as well as your best friend.

Propecia generic is basically the same as the branded Propecia since it is made with the exact same ingredient as the hair loss treatment drug it has been copied from.  For this reason, you will find a lot of men with hair loss issues favoring the use of Propecia generic since their overall effect are just the same.  In fact, there are hardly any differences to tell between the two – branded Propecia and Propecia generic – except maybe for their prices as Propecia generic is a lot cheaper to buy.  This is actually the very reason why those that use this remedy for hair loss use Propecia generic because not only are they able to get significant savings, but they also get the most out of their money since there are no differences in their overall treatment effect.

Propecia generic is very effective in stopping the progression of male pattern baldness.  This is mainly because unlike other treatments that is applied only superficially – on the scalp area – Propecia generic actually does its treatment from inside your body.  Propecia generic does not come as an ointment, cream, shampoo, or solution.  Propecia generic comes as a pill which you ingest to make it do its magic from deep within your body, at hormonal level.  This is actually what makes Propecia generic highly effective as it inhibits the forming of the hormone responsible for hair loss, the dihydrotestosterone hormone.

Dihydrotestosterone is a byproduct from the conversion of testosterone hormone by the 5-alpha reductase enzyme.  By nature, Propecia generic is a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor and this very aspect of Propecia generic is actually very helpful in limiting the levels of dihydrotestosterone.  Through daily Propecia generic use, your level of dihydrotestosterone in your scalp and body will decrease and thus slow down to eventually stop hair follicles from thinning out and dying.  This in fact is the very reason why Propecia generic is your best and total treatment solution to your hair loss issue.  No hair loss treatment product even comes close to Propecia generic in terms of effectiveness.

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