4 New Casino Games you should try this Winter

Online casino is always on the lookout to add new games to their selection. Roulette, Blackjack, and craps will always available forever on Mega888. but there are many online casino games that are kept on adding new games and removing the old ones.

Below you will see four new games which you should try this winter. You would also able to read the overview about playing this game.

  1. Mississippi Stud Poker

This is the fun table game where you can bet about ten times from your original wager. This will also depend on the strength of your hand. There are few game mechanics that are taken from other popular games and then all of these are combines in a new way.

The bottom paying hand is the pair of better or jacks, this is like video poker games. The shared game mechanic is from Let it Ride, in which you would be able to change the size of the total bet which will also depend on the playout.

  1. Fortune Asia Poker

This is very similar to Pai Gow Poker. The same deck of cards is been used like Pai Gow containing standard 52 and single joker. The joker is been used for completing the straight flush, royal flush, flush or straight. If it is not used for completing one, then it is the act of ace.

Each of the players is placing the bet and then they are getting seven cards. The dealer is also receiving the seven cards.

  1. DJ Wild Poker

This is a very simple game where five wild cards are been used. Players are hoping to get a higher five card hand is compared to the dealer. All the twos are wild, and the deck is including the single joker. In starting of the game each of the players is betting for an equal amount on a blind and ante.

  1. Free Bet Blackjack

This is the classic game with the neat twist in blackjack. Players are placing their starting bet ad are having the opportunity for receiving free bets for some splits and doubles in the game. In all the rules the dealer is pushing the 22 instead of busting. This game is played in the same way as the regular 21. This game is the part of the game when players are having the opportunity to double down or split.

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