Going to the casino to play Poker Online Indonesia with your friends is fun. But, for some of your friends, going to the casino is not convenient at all. Some may be too shy to try their hands at casino games with strangers. Some may find traveling a bit tiring. If that is the case, then you can throw a casino-themed party at your home!

The decors

Start with how your guests will enter. Try to recreate the stylish entrance of the fabulous casinos. You can set-up a mini red carpet with some decors alongside. Some velvet rope and a couple of poles or something to go on either side of the walkway will complete the look.

Poker Online Indonesia

The giant dice

Making these giant decorations is so easy. The supplies are available in any local craft store, and you can finish it in a few minutes. You will only need black acrylic paint, black and white cards, and six pieces of styrofoam cubes. You will also need a pair of scissors, some glue, and a foam brush. First, paint three boxes with black paint and leave the other three unpainted. Cut out sixty-three black circles and sixty-three white ones from the cards. Stick the black dots on the unpainted cubes and the white dots on the painted cubes. Make sure you recreate the dots formation in the dice. Now you have six giant dice decors to turn your place into a gaming paradise.

The doors

Cut out shapes like hearts, clovers, clubs, and diamonds on red and black cards to turn your doors into playing cards. Position the cut-out shapes on your door like the ones in the cards.

The menu

You and your guests will be playing cards. That means your hands will all be busy, making finger foods your best choice. Choose ones that are easy to eat but not greasy to avoid your cards and chips becoming slippery and dirty. Red, white, and black food and drinks will be perfect for the casino theme. Some examples are strawberries and blueberries, or red and black M&M candies. You can also serve black olive and tomato tarts, or cream cheese with red pepper strips. Malibu and pineapple juice, margarita, vodka with cranberry juice, and apple martini are some casino-inspired cocktails you and your guests will enjoy.

The dress code

Decide on how you want you and your guests to appear. Do you want to keep it toned down with jeans and shirts? Or do you prefer the elegant suits and ties? The casual look will give your party a laid-back atmosphere while the formal wear will bring a touch of class.

Now that you are ready, all you need to do is invite your friends over to enjoy the night! Remember to have fun and do not focus much on winning.

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