Genuineness about bitcoin dice game

Dice games are very simple to play. You can find many different types of dice games on online casino. The popularity of dice games have increased after the bitcoin came into existence. It is probably the only game in the gambling world which is called as provably fair.  Bitcoin dice is the most easy to understand game among all the other games in online casino. Beginners would love to play these games as they can learn fast and win lots of games.

Bitcoin dice VS tradition dice game

  • You can find mainly two differences between the bitcoin dice and traditional dice game. The first one is that it is a provably fair game which runs through the blockchain technology. The entire game is recorded from the time you start playing the game. And there is no need to depend on the operator to verify the game you can do it by yourself. You check if there any tampering done with the odds.
  • The second difference is that in traditional game you need to rely on the casino operator for withdrawal your wining amount but in the case of bitcoin dice it allows the players to withdraw their wining amount by themselves whenever they want.

Tips for bitcoin dice game

  • When you are playing the dice game try to use the martingale strategy. This strategy means you will double the amount of your bet each time you start playing the game so that you can recover entire loses occurred in the previous games.
  • Many new users depend on dice scripts while they are playing the game. But that is not a good plan because these scripts are not completely tested and as they are not tested there is lot of chance that it will have errors which may lead you to lose more amounts from your bankroll.
  • Always try to play the dice game with a strategy, there is no doubt that it is basically depend on your luck but with proper planning will help you to win many games. For example before rolling the dice think what your pervious roll result was and how the current roll will help you to move forward.
  • Remember to enjoy the game. Keep in mind that there is no compulsion that you have to win all the matches.


As you have got some information about the tips of dice games, now it’s your tome to start playing the bitcoin dice game by bearing all the tips in your mind.

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