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Online Poker: How It Began And How It Is Now

Online poker has become very successful over the past decade. Its popularity exploded in recent years. There are over thousands of new players who join every day. We all know how big online poker is now. But how did it all began?

IRC and virtual poker

Virtual poker became a reality in the early ’90s. It was when they used Internet Relay Chat or IRC to play poker. Well-known educated players include former WSOP World Champion Chris Ferguson. As well as Greg Raymer. Games started slow and primitive. One should enter the commands into the program in a direct manner. Then a command back from the line in charge of the program will arrive.

The quantity and quality of players improved when the graphics became better. IRC poker used virtual money. This lets newbies gain experience and learn without spending money. This was the early primer to today’s free training sites in club w88.

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The creation of Planet Poker

Real money poker came to the internet in 1998. Planet Poker’s beta testing began in late 1997. These beta testers became loyal customers. Mike Caro was the one who founded Planet Poker. He also became the spokesman for the game. Mike Caro was a Poker PRO, writer, and an alleged madman. The birth of Texas Hold’em was on January 1, 1998. It was the first-ever hand of real money, online poker.

Planet Poker gained a lot of fans. It enjoyed the success of being the world’s only online poker provider. Paradise Poker came to life in 1999. It was from Costa Rica. It was the first one to offer Omaha and Seven Card Stud. Paradise Poker became the world’s premier online poker power. It was in control until Ultimate-Bet came in late 2000.

The popularity explosion of online poker

Its popularity reached its peak in 2001. This was when they introduced multi-table tournaments. Party Poker and PokerStars launched and capitalized on the tournament trend. Online poker used to have a handful of players sitting at one rotating Limit Hold’em table. It became millions because of the impressive tournaments. Prize pools lured a lot of online players.

Ladbrokes started in 2002 in Europe. It was the newest big player in Full Tilt Poker in 2004. Several top Poker professionals joined the Full Tilt televised advertisements. So did the founders of the site. They became spokesmen who paved the way for today’s poker advertising.

Today’s online poker

Online poker was an underground revolution in its infancy. And is a revolutionary phenomenon in its prime. There are now a lot of online poker sites players could choose from. Some of these are PokerStars, W888 Poker, and Full Tilt. As well as Ultimate Bet and Party Poker.

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