How to Make a Fulltime Living with Online Casino

Besides mastering the art of Casino, the second goal that I’m sure everyone shares is making money at the online Casino tables. So we listened and studied how Casino champions like Outhred or Seif talk about their games to find answers. We came up with this online Casino overview on how to win more money in No Limit Texas Hold’em. Here are some tips that we think are very important to learn.

Online Casino Reviews Tip # 1: It’s OK to be strict.

Cash game is not a tournament, so you have all the time in the world to play with your right hand at the right time in the perfect place. The blinds are the same and always there, so you can always get a different stack or buy back if you like. This means you don’t have to risk taking a double. So avoid bad hands and play tight in the cash game.

Online Casino reviews. # 2: Avoid buying short chips.

Get a buy-in at least 100 times the big blind’s limit. This allows you to have enough cash at your disposal. This will help you avoid playing and base your decisions on two options: all-in or fold.

Online Casino reviews. 3: Casino players are like animals (sometimes).

Casino star Mark Seif said that a cash game of no-limit hold’em might sound like a National Geographic show to you. There will be players who come to the table wanting to win, and these predators are looking for the weakest players. Therefore, you should be a predator, not a prey, and never get upset when you take everything.

Online Casino Reviews Tip # 4: Places are important.

Be creative and ask for a table change if necessary. Sit with the aggressive players to your right and the passive players to your left.

Online Casino reviews. Tip # 5: Pssst, take a look.

When you sit down at the table, do not open the blinds from the beginning. Let your big blind appear naturally and then watch the table. What type of players is sitting at the table? Identify passive and aggressive players. Casino is won because you fully know about the game and your opponents, while your competitors only have a few clues about your playing strategy.

Online Casino Reviews Tip # 6: Be the master of the odds.

Be the master of the probability calculator. What are your chances? What are the pot odds? Then work on the next step based on those probabilities.

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