Pok Deng: Short And Fast Casino Game

Playing Pokdeng is easy and fast. It is not the same with the other card games that take minutes. In this way, it only lasts for a couple of seconds and the next round follows, pick a Pok Deng table now before ป๊อกเด้ง to join a fresh round of the game.

Playing the game

The game goes according to what the dealer chooses. The dealer may choose to proceed with the game in a counterclockwise or a clockwise order after dealing out the cards. Every player has their turn, either to draw an additional card or not. If a player chooses to draw, he/she must get one card on the draw pile that allows them to have three cards at a time. If the player’s hand starts with a Taem, it means that the player has poker.

Taem is made up of 8 or 9 values of the hand. The player will announce and show off the cards facing up. These cards are considered good hands, which means that the player can’t draw an additional card. On the other hand, if the dealer has a Pok, cards will be turned face-up and compared against the players’ hands. When the dealer fails to have a Pok, he/she can choose a player who will reveal the cards and compare before drawing another card and compare it with the other players.

The scoring of the game

When speaking about the scoring against the dealer, the players can lose, beat, or tie with. First, players should compare the hand type, second the Taem, and lastly is the Deng. Generally, Taem and hand type automatically determine the winner. But, Deng will serve as the tiebreaker and will determine how much that the winner can win. When comparing the hand type, the one who has the better hand will always be the winner. The game’s winning amount is the player’s Deng, which will be multiplied by the original bet. If both the player and the dealer have the same hand types, they will compare it with Taem. The better Taem wins and the winning amount will then again be determined by Deng. Once the dealer and the players have the same hand types and Taem, it will be compared to Deng. Whoever has a better Deng wins the game and the payout will be the difference of the hands of Deng. There is also a rare case like the dealer, Taem, and Deng has the same hand type as the player. If it happens, it is considered a tie, and original bets are returned to the players.

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