Tips and Cheats to Win Live Table Online casino games

There are many online casino games like poker slots which require strategies to win. If you are someone who loves to challenge and win the games, choose the one that you love to play. Live table games is one of the strategy battle games that is hitting the world by storm ready to play on iOS mobile phones, laptops, PC, and tablets. It is a complete mobile strategy game where the player is required to follow the tips and cheats to build his armies and attack on enemy bases to defend him.

  1. Try to focus on upgrading your resources to generate and build your army to hit your enemy base in the most possible way. It is advised to seek resources through raiding, that doesn’t require hurting or any back-up. Try to access as many resources you can harvest at a time, to win the battle.
  2. As the mega888 game shows its major heroes are army personnel try to hands-on maximum resources when the mines are full so that you can build or upgrade something better than earlier. So in that way, you will be on the safer side and not lose or waste your troop for gathering resources.
  3. While playing the battle game you will come across a town hall. Keep upgrading it to make your town look better and aim for the next level no matter the higher level you crossed. No matter how bigger its level is, you can transform your town even much better. Hence unlock more buildings, fences and defense units that help you win the battle against your opponent.
  4. Make sure you have built your own troops in the Army Camp. It will help you perform an attack on your enemies when they are about to attack you to defend your camp and available resources. Hence, whenever you feel it is possible to try to upgrade them about their own capabilities don’t miss the chance to push them which is key to victory as they are well-trained to win the battle against the enemy.
  5. Never ignore the dungeons as they offer you few resources. Always try to initiate the single-player campaign, as they help you access possible resources highly essential to recruit more heroes and encourage them to take part in the battle with increased goodies and shards. Always fight like a hero with applied strategies to defend your enemy for minimal losses of your army troop.

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