Eight Ways to Detect Poker Bluff

There are probably more than eight ways to detect a player who is constantly bluffing in a domino qq game, but this article describes easier-to-detect warnings used with a certain frequency.

Here are the tips to detect a poker bluff

  1. Bluff thinks he can use the “chat option” to his advantage. Watch out for the talkative players and what they are doing. Do they pick up the cans and chat about not picking cards just to get adequate Q?
  2. If a player rises before the flop, shows, for example, 3-3-9 and quickly goes up, you may encounter a bluff on the river. Before calling, make sure that you can take the boat with what you are holding.
  3. If someone suddenly presses the “sit” and “jump” buttons during the distribution of cards, the calls quickly increase or increase, most likely, they have run out of patience and they do not play a murderous hand,
  4. When the player with the lowest pile on the table stays with everything, and there is absolutely nothing that can be considered a corresponding threat, someone may bluff from the “now or never” perspective.
  5. The player who bets the flop and then controls the move must put his money where his mouth is. If you have a good hand, it forces you to bet.
  6. If you are playing against someone, who is an extremely loose player, and you do not allow your hand to slip away without a bet, who do you think is cheating? The player does not get so many good starting hands.
  7. You will learn how to observe the lamp, if you look closely at what it shows at the end of the hand. If a player rises before the flop only to show 4-5 from the end of the hand, they are almost dangerous. Act accordingly so that the next time there is no this nonsense.
  8. They play each hand too fast to figure out what their hand is capable of. Most likely, they almost never do this and deceive most of the hands that they have.

In conclusion

Try to eliminate bluffers from the game as quickly as possible, since a good strong bluff can be a winning hand on the river. Make sure they do not go that far!

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