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Books You Should Read To Learn Poker Strategy

Playing Poker is not all about luck. You need proper strategy and skills to win the game. There are players who take their time reading about tips and techniques. Various books that promote poker strategy are available in the market. Some are even available for instant access online. It will be helpful if you read one or more of these books.

The Theory of Poker by David Sklanksy

This is an expansion and revision of the book Poker Theory by the same author. It covers concepts and theories applicable to almost every poker variation. It discusses the fundamental theorem of poker and how it should affect your play. Sklansky also addresses deception, bluffing, the slow-play, and the value of a position. As well as psychology, game theory, implied odds, and semi-bluffing.

Peak Poker Performance by Jonathan Little and Patricia Cardner

Dr. Patricia Cardner and Jonathan Little provides peak performance strategy coaching in poker. This book shows you how to bring out your best in every session of the game. It is a book based on a scientific approach. It aims to re-direct you on becoming a well-disciplined poker player. It also has chapters on beating procrastination and transforming the mental game.

Playing Poker

Every Hand Revealed by Gus Hansen

This book is an exciting peek into the mind of a champion poker player. It is a hand-by-hand breakdown of his win of the Aussie Millions World Poker Tour tournament. It does not include every single hand but every significant hand he played. He left the table and spoke notes into a handheld recorder during the tournament. This allowed him to keep track of every hand he played.

Winning Poker Systems by Norman Zadah

This book came out when no other poker books were on the market. People consider it to be the first book to chart starting hands. As well as stress the importance of position. A lot of people praise this book as an important contribution to poker theory.

Poker Essays by Mason Malmuth

The concept of this book is very simple. It is a collection of writings or musings by one of the game’s great minds, Mason Malmuth. This book is not only about strategy. It discusses the future of the game. It also suggests improvements a card room management could make. And it gives several other advice geared towards the advancement of poker. There are concerns and predictions about the game he first raised that have come true today. That is 20 years after he wrote the book.

Poker books are important as it improves your game. But there is no better teacher than experience itself. Playing Poker Online Indonesia will allow you to gain more knowledge the more games you play.


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