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The Domino QQ Effect

Domino QQ is a form of poker that is extremely popular in Indonesia. It is rumoured to have originated from China. It is a top-rated game to play while gambling.

What is Poker?

Poker is a card game that is a mix of gambling, luck, skill and a talent for bluffing. Usually in Poker, the players are dealt cards with pre-determined values and are supposed to make the strongest combination of cards that they can. They then start betting to see who has the strongest combination. If a player feels like others have stronger cards than them, they can drop their cards and stop betting. A player can also call for the players to reveal their cards, and the one with the strongest cards win.

What is Dominos qq

It is similar to poker and is played using a set of double- six dominoes, which are indistinguishable from the back and are separated into squares by a line from the front. In the game, each player is dealt three dominoes after paying a fixed amount and from then on continues to raise, call or fold their cards. The money raised goes to the winner who is either the only one left or is the one with the strongest cards.

Agen poker online

Is Dominos qqplayed online?

Yes, Domino qq is played online, though it is not as famous as other forms of poker, mainly due to the fact that it is the atmosphere, not the game in itself that makes this particular game as exciting as it is. Never the less, Dominos qq is available in many online casinos. There are also facilities to play without betting real money, or even playing against the house if no player is ready to play.

How to play Dominos qq?

There are many rules and regulation that guide this particular game, some of which are:

  • Each and every player has to contribute a fixed amount as their wager even before the cards are dealt and regardless of how awful the dominos are, this money cannot be taken back.
  • Each player is dealt three dominos only.
  • After looking at the dominos, a player can either decide to raise, or increase the amount of money that is being bet for, call, to not raise the stakes but to merely meet them, or to fall, or drop out of the game.
  • The last remaining person or the one with the strongest dominos wins the game and gets all the money.

As described above, Dominos qq is an ancient yet relevant form of poker that is easy to grasp and challenging to play, making it the best form of entertainment while at a party!

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